FaithHappenings Fundraiser

·         Are you a school or large, Christian organization who likes what is doing locally, regionally and nationally?

·         Do you have constituents who can share with others?  Do you have a website that gets a fair amount of traffic?

·         Want to make some extra money from the good work you’ve done by building networks within your community?

FaithHappenings is looking for Christian schools, youth groups and large, faith-based organizations who will share with their constituents and prominently display one (or more) of our logos on their website.

This will be the easiest fundraising opportunity you will ever participate in!

1.       You make money by helping FaithHappenings gain exposure so we can build membership.   We will pay your school or organization up to 25 cents for every person who joins Remember, membership is always FREE.

2.       You make money by connected local vendors who should be listed on If they sign up and use your referral number or link, you get commission! If your vendor signs up as a member using your referral, the website will always remember this and you’ll be credited for any renewals and future purchases this vendor makes.

a.       25% for new listings

b.      10% for renewals

Who qualifies as a vendor? These types below who have websites we can track:

·         * Churches (Trinitarian in bent)                

·         Restaurants – (local, “Family Friendly” who offer discounts)

·         * Local/regional speakers and musicians             

·         * Christian Life, Marriage and Family Coaches

·         Wedding venues

·         * Wedding Help (planners, photographers, videographer, musicians)

·         * Camps

·         Camp venues and Conference venues              

·         Romantic getaway locations                            

·         Family fun locations (miniature golf, bowling, fun centers, water parks, etc.)  

·         Memory making services (scrapbooking, photography, flower preservation, photo/video transfer)

·         Party Planners (inflatable supplier, family-friendly entertainer)

·         * Specialty Classes (art, dance, music, martial arts, etc., if run by a Christian)      

·         * Christian Health and Wellness (doctor, chiropractor, occupational therapist, physical therapist, vision or dental professional, naturopath, nutritionist, personal trainer, acupuncturist, massage therapist, counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist)

·         * Christian Daycare                        

·         * Christian Nannies, Midwives, Douala's                 

·         * Christian hospice (in-home and set location)


Those marked with an asterisk * above need to be Christian-world view based. Those not, do not.


When you are ready to participate in the FaithHappenings Fundraiser, please contact your local Area Coordinator or Community Associate or just email us at for more information.